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Engine Oil

Additive technology & formulations to provide among the highest levels of performance.

Chain & Mixing Oils

Chain lubricant designed to provide protection under all operating conditions.

Gear Oils

High performance gear lubricants formulated to withstand severe service and environments in cars, trucks & heavy equipment.

Hydraulic Oils

Heavy-duty, anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated with high VI paraffinic base oils & an advanced additive package.

Industrial oils

High dielectric strength, high VI, anti-wear oils developed for dependable performance with industrial equipment.

Brake / Power steering

Excellent performance fluids that contain anti-wear additives to reduce wear on pistons, bearings & more.


Heavy duty gear lubricant that provides extended drain service, improved fuel efficiency and more.


Specifically formulated for severe service and extreme environment, marine applications and off road machinery.

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