Here is a full list of products that we offer at Golden Mustang Petroleum Corporation.

Engine Oils

Motor Oils

Dexos Motor Oils

Non Detergent motor oils


Motorcycle Oil

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Golden Mustang 75W-90 gear

Golden Mustang 80W-140 gear

Golden Mustang 75W-140 limited slip

Golden Mustang Prem. Trans HD

Golden Mustang Prem CVT fluid

Golden Mustang Universal ATF

Golden Mustang trans fluid 50

Golden Mustang engine oils

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Octane booster

Fuel Injector treatment

Oil treatment

Power steering sealer

Transmission sealer

Motor sealer

Fuel stabilizer & Ethenol treatment

Motor flush

Lead substitute

Diesel conditioner

Carb & fuel injector cleaner

Gas treatment

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Chain & Mixing Oils

Bar & Chain oils

Golden Mustang extreme tac

Cycle mixing oil


CS EP2 synthetic

Marine EP

Blue EP2 HTP

Moly EP2

Mpe Graphite

Multi-purpose (MP2)

Hi- Temp Red

Spindle cleaner

“00” grease/cotton picker

“000” red grease 35 LB

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Starting fluid

Flat tire fix W/hose

Flat tire fix W/Cone


Non flammable brake & parts

Non Chlorinated brake & parts

Engine degreaser

Choke/carburetor cleaner

Penetrating oil

Air tool oil

Jack oil

Gear Oils

GL-1 Gear oil

GL-5 Limited slip additive

GL-5 High performance

GL-5 multi-purpose gear oil

GL-5 limited slip gear oil

GL-4 EP gear oil

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Full strength

50/50 Premix


Extended life

Extended life HD


  • Fleet SCA precharged
  • 50/50

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Brake & Power Steering

Brake fluid, Dot 3

Brake fluid, Dot 4

Brake fluid, Dot 5

Power steering fluid

Premium power steering fluid

Hydraulic Oils

Prem universal tractor

Superdraulic AW

Golden Mustang SuperTrac

Anti wear fluid

Golden Mustang mining fluid

GM hydraulic oil

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TC-W3 prem outboard oil

Full Syn outboard 2-cycle oil

Marine EP synthetic grease

Marine outboard lower unit

Gear lube

ATF Fluids

D/M multi purpose ATF

Multi vehicle synthetic blend


ATF +3

ATF +4

Mercon V

Type A & F

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Various Industrial Oils

Gas engine oil

Low ash oil

Ashless oil

Rock drill oil

Rotary piston/vacuum pump oil

Transformer oil

Drip oil

Concrete form oil

Heat transfer oil

Cherry picker oil

EP gear compound

R&O turbine oil

Saw guide oil

Quench Oil

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Misc Products

BUG was WW Fluid -+32

Sunner WW fluid -+21

Winter WW fluid -0

Windshield washer concentrate

Purple degreaser

Aluminum brightener

Solvent 140

Mineral Spirits

K-1 Kerosene

Oil stabilizer


Charcoal lighter fluid

Golden Mustang Product List

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